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Originally Posted by fatgrandma View Post
a) tyranny wouldn't give a shit about the rights stated in your constitution?
No- which is why this is such a big issue when the government ignores our rights as stated in the constitution.

b) even if the right wasn't given you by constitution, wouldn't you folks just fight the tyranny - now matter if it would be illegal? Or would you be like "We should mess up this whole tyranny shit, let's get some guns" "Oh, no, wait - it's not stated in the constitution so we better don't do it... let's hit "like" on facebook instead, this will probably do too"?
Where do we get the guns? Even if you can find them, it brings enormous new risks. Without a powerful alley willing to supply & help us stand up to the tyrant, we, and by extension the rest of the world, would be fcuked. Furthermore, just remaining well armed when things are going smoothly (and despite our problems, things are going relatively smoothly now) is a deterrent to the government overstepping its bounds.


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