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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
I suspect your problem has to do with the efficiency of the w7. Look at the graphs I posted, the w7 was getting 1000w vs 500w for the others. 3 db higher means twice as loud. I don't have the program here now but I bet that with a true IB sub you could reach the same output on less than 1/3 the power.

I thought the input power was same for your graphs and I was very happy to see 12W7 doing best in 12 inch drivers.

Also looking at xmas graph, it had the max.

So did you compare 1000w input into JL vs 500w into other drivers?

Just read mob17's thread and even he is powering Fi IB3 with 800W approx which is way above PE rating for that sub.

I must also admit that my sub is setup with bass boost on nearly to 90% of its available range. I am thinking that it could be the reason that certain frequencies are getting boosted and reaching way above the rating of the sub or capacity of our cars---> leading to voltage drop?

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