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Originally Posted by P7X View Post
After you prestige, go back into the prestige menu to claim your reward. When you do this all tokens are reset (if you didnít claim the reward right away it will reset the tokens you have already used to unlock things and lock everything again) and you are given 1 permanent unlocked. This unlock means that anytime you prestige the item you chose to unlock will stay unlocked forever. (Unless you do the full prestige reset, but no clue why anyone would want that). Don't know what system you're on but on PC you click on what you want to unlock then click "Permanent unlock" at the bottom of the screen. It's kind of odd.
I know and understand what the "permanent unlock tokens" are and how to use them. You get one per prestige regardless and those are separate from and in addition to the three "award" choices you get to choose from.

I was asking specifically about the "refund token" award ("extra class slot" or "full stats reset" being the other two). It doesn't make sense what that particular award might do for you since you lose all your tokens when you prestige and have to start unlocking things from scratch anyway. If you choose that award option do you get to KEEP any unused tokens from the previous prestige (so, for example, if you had say 10 unused tokens at the end of a prestige do you get to add those to the number of new tokens you earn on your next prestige)? I seem to recall the in-game description says something to the effect of refunding all your spent tokens (??), but that doesn't really make sense.