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Originally Posted by AlanAZ View Post
..the latest plug you can use (with your current coils, and should work as well with updated coils) is NGK PLZFR6A11S.

Updated coils are: BOSCH 12137594937 $57.21
same as in a late model E90 328 (and the correct plug for them is NGK LZFR6AP11GS) The standard replacement coils are less expensive.

If Autohaus does not carry the right parts, try RMEuropean or PartsGeek.
Thanks for the info.
Does it make any difference with the older version coils and the newer version?

If I'm going to get new plugs and coils, should I stick with the older version or just go ahead and get the newest version. Just want to make sure it will be compatible.

E90325i and E90328i are not quite the same I believe. Same engine but I believe its tuned differently or something since the HP are not the same.

My 325i shows 215HP stock, don't remember what a 328i is.