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Originally Posted by michaelsevilla View Post
I'm a big dig/ highway racer, partially because I just like big hp and fast races, I never keep close minded when it comes to other types of races, auto crossing seems to be fun as shit, maybe down the line if I ever decide on another sports car it'll prolly be a GTR an set that up for auto crossing that's in my perfect world, to have an m6 twin charged, a cl65 for crusing, my 300zx that I'm currently building that I haven't told any of you about, and a gtr for auto crossing but again that's in my perfect world, ill End up just having a cl65 an m6 and my 300zx. I can't wait till its done, who's going to tx2k13? That's highway racing dreams there
I'm a pretty big fan of the 1/2 mile and mile stuff. I am for all types of racing that's mostly safe.
A blown M6 would be amazing. Check out Beemer (I spelled it wrong intentionally because it'll ***** out but it's They just released the Gintani Supercharger for the M5 and M6, the first 5 cars get a special price and free install. 600rwhp for $13,500.

The only problem with autocrossing a GTR is it might not fit on the course and all the Miata's, E30's, Sentra SER's and hatch back Honda's are going to smoke you silly with 140hp. Ask me how I know, I use to run one competitively with a friend!!