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Originally Posted by 宝马.e90 View Post
Interesting. But what does this really mean to us? I mean sure, those numbers are attractive on financial statements but that's about it. It definitely doesn't mean that BMW is necessarily building better cars.

The way I see it is Mercedes' only focus is to be build the best luxury cars, period - and they probably do. I don't think you'll find many who will argue or disagree. They're lack of expansion, while may hurt them with investors, is probably doing a better job in keeping with their business.

As for BMW, you can't argue that they're not market/industry leaders. With that valuation, it's definitely great, but at what cost? We've all read the articles here and you would be blind to see what BMW is doing to move forward but with all this expansion, has it hurt or affected BMW and what their original core business - which is to build sport-orientated cars (Not going to answer that, don't want to start that argument again)?
+1...At least when Merc lost site of their heritage back in the late 90s they tried to resurrect some of that Merc quality in their current line-up. I doubt it if BMW will ever return to their roots of being the ultimate driving machines.

When I see a W221 S Klasse I still see the standard of a luxury car. When I see an F30 3er, I see a boring/confused Audi with that's something to talk opinion is based more of how I feel about the handling rather than the way it looks BTW
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