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I think it's understandable to become incoherent and rant when your car is not reliable, I know I was angry with my car when I couldn't drive it for 6 mos. But again, I remind everybody, it's a car, not a rocketship. It can be fixed, but there is a pricetag. My car has been 100% reliable for 2 1/2 yrs. now. it's 6 yrs. old, and spent 6 mos. of its life stalling randomly--no, that's not acceptable, but it's over and done.

imho if you buy a vehicle with 60k on it, either you're trying to save money, or you don't have the money to begin with. Granted, yes, Japanese tend to be more reliable, I have a 15 y.o. Nissan on which one thing has broken in its life--the starter. And that's to be expected. But there's no comparison between the 335 and Nissan as far as how they drive.

There's a reason why people get new cars. Only a moron would complain about a 10k repair on a 7 series that's known ahead of time--there's a reason the original owner no longer drives that 7. Water leak on 7 series = $10,000, nobody has hidden that fact, so it is in fact caveat emptor.