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Quick update

Well the December mods didnt really go to plan as suggested above, i ended up only completing 1 of them which was the Angel eyes and although they are not the brightest for the price they was i couldnt say no (thanks Ian ) Still a big difference as you can see. They are AiB's. Ive taken a bad night shot of them next to lci lights and pre lci lights to show the difference. Tried to get day shots but its impossible to capture.

After the essex meet Jeff and Nick talked me into changing the paddles and getting rid of the push pull paddles which were a waste of time. What a difference this makes so much more fun and despite my hestitations for it being a diesel and not reving high i do use them. So cheers lads

Big thanks to Nick (NJ 1161) who kindly fitted the paddles and made me look like a nob as i couldnt get the steering wheel off and he did it in about 5seconds cheers mate .

My car is booked in on thursday and friday for some performance mods, wasnt planning on doing it just yet as i wanted to do all the cosmetics but after driving the 07 to nottingham i forgot how big the difference is.

Ill update later on in the week, watch this space
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