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Originally Posted by 宝马.e90 View Post
LOL. Where did I say BMW should not stop innovating? What makes a crappier car? If BMW still made the E46 or to a lesser extent E90 and those became the F30, would that be considered crappier? Because this is what BMW's valuation is revolving around. The argument is simple. Is BMW doing too much, too quick and by doing so, are they sacrificing too much? I'm sure people will agree. You can't tell me there isn't a balance in doing so.

Mercedes has basically become idle in terms of progress but are they making crappier cars? Absolutely not. Who knows, maybe they have something in the works we don't know about that's equally innovative as BMW but they're not doing it at a pace BMW is to garner accolades and titles.
Argument? Who are you arguing with? How did BMW's business come to be valued at twice MB's? What schedule should they have used up to now? Markets constantly change. And because 9 guys on a message board don't like that they changed a Coupe designation from 3 to 4 is not a valid reason for them to stop what they've been doing and refining to become so valuable. They'll make some, they'll miss some. But I just hope they won't become Mercedes, which is the German Lexus, which is the Japanese Caddy.