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Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post
500 would be pushing it...

Gladen 3 ways 309
Gladen RS 100c4 299
Harness 50

Think it could get down to 575. Still that's replacement mid, tweeter and pair of underseat subs, 4x 100wrms (@4Ohms) amp, Quadlock plug and play harness. All you need is couple of hours to install or we could setup a dealer to fit them for around 80

Mind you the setup is good enough to not even need a sub
Tbh 575 sounds reasonable. I know bugger all about audio and what the numbers mean but if it sounds good when your sat in the car thats all that matters to me.

How would it compare to say the l7 setup and the alpine? Is there room to add a boot sub with the harness provided?
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