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Originally Posted by DESI4life10 View Post
Until you actually use a wifi remote, I wouldn't be quick to judge. The idea of turning the camera on and off without having to physically go out and press the buttons proves useful when shooting car scenes (other scenes as well).

$500 is a bit steep, but I didn't get it for that price( about $100 bucks or so cheaper).
60 fps in 1080 is awesome, especially for car vids. On my Hero 1, I kept it at 720 60fps to avoid the "jello" effect when using a higher resolution with a lower fps for high action scene.

The night videos on hero 3 is a massive improvement over hero 1 and 2 cameras. I am looking to understand the black edition hero 3 and it's benefits when using protune (true potential for the camera).

edit: I am talking strictly black edition hero 3. The other versions are shown to be just gopro 2 cameras with wifi built in.
Iv used the wifi remote...I guess it depends on the user but I think its completely useless and plus for another $110 for he remote, Ill say no thank you. (putting the complete package over $600 plus taxes with remote)

For the money I spent (and how much ill use this thing) the hero 2 works perfect for me.