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I used the Simon tool from AA yesterday to download my ECU/DME. I sent it Zak@ActiveAutowerke and he worked his magic and sent it back already! Just wanted to say thanks to Zak for the speedy turnaround and for addressing all my questions and concerns!

Here's my original email and his responses...

Hi Zak,

I was told you were the person to send my ecu/dme file to for modification.

I downloaded the file from the car with no problems. My exhaust is in the following order if it makes any difference, MMW catless headers, secondary cats (to help clean up the smell/pollution) and the BMW Performance Exhaust (no resonator.)

I have the following modifications to my car...

-BMW Performance Intake
-BMW Performance Exhaust
-Muirhead Motorwerks Catless Headers

Just a couple questions,

1. Can you please make this tune work with 91 or higher octane? I don't want to do 93+ because although I can usually get 93, sometimes I have to settle for 91 because 93 is not available in some locations near me.

2. I understand in order for the ecu/dme not to throw a CEL error code with the MMW catless headers, you will have to turn off/disable the o2 sensors, is that correct? Do you disable both the front and rear sensors of where the primary cat would be?

3. Will the CEL come on immediately after I upload the tune? I am installing the headers this week, and I plan to upload the AA tune right before I start the car for the first time (w/ the headers.)

again a forum member...

"Did you use AA's Simon flash tool? If you did the CEL will turn off after the fourth start."

Hi there,

Here are the new files to upload to your Simon programmer. I have not done the o2 delete on your specific software version so this is a test of sorts. If you get a check engine light get the car scanned by the dealership or an independent shop that has some good tools (Autologic, GT1, E-Sys etc.) After I receive the code numbers I can delete the errors out of the DME.

1. The tune will work great with everything from 93 - 91. These new generation ECUs adapt very quickly to changes in octane rating and environmental changes. It will run as hard as it can 100% of the time without issue.

2. We only disable the rear oxygen sensors, the fronts are very important to the way the car runs. Like I said above you may need to get me some feedback so I may disable these.

3. You will get a CEL immediately after you flash the car. The code is caused by the transmission losing connection with the DME. It is a harmless fault and will not cause any issues with the way the car runs.

Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns!

Zak Nye
Software Engineer
Active Autowerke

The next steps are to...

1. Get the headers installed. (Should be this weekend)

2. Flash the car with the AA tune.

2.5. Take videos/pictures of the set-up

3. Drive it around to set any/all fault codes.

4. Have a shop scan and give me a print out of all the codes, so I can then give them to Zak to delete them out of my DME.

More to come, stay tuned.

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