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Originally Posted by DESI4life10 View Post
Well black edition comes with wifi remote. Not sure if you are talking about that.

Depends on what shots you take etc.
I apologize yes it does come with it....still useless to me for $450 plus tax. They shoulda added some nice equipment like the outdoor edition.

Like I said if you use the remote, for whatever reason, great for you, but for the extra 30 fps, it doesnt seem like its worth it, when for the same price you could get 2 and a half gopro 2's for the price.

EDT: Also with the black edition you NEED a good quality SD card... like the one HERE for $179 on sale, anything less and youll start loosing frames (which means youll prolly be filming in 30 fps instead of the 60fps in HD....which in turn makes it a go pro 2 :P ) I thought you could get away with the less expensive 45mb/s but people are reporting it still misses frames