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Apparently, I'm a lucky one. I got (a) 188,294 miles before my water pump failed on a 3 hour trip back to Madison, WI from Iowa. I was having a great day, making plans with the wife on where we were going to dinner and I got a warning saying, "Warning, drive moderately or you will overheat" and ten seconds later, my 2006 330i sedan told me that I was overheating. I bought the car in 11/07 with 52k miles on it. This is the first time it has ever stranded me, with the exception of needing to jump a battery.

(b) Piersburg water pump - $336, Thermostat - $56, Oil Filter Housing gaskets - $20, hardware - $16, coolant - $20, Shop supplies/paper towels = $ 468 - Thermostat/Pump prices found on Ebay and did a price-match only asking what site I found the pricing on.

(c) I did the work myself, 12-14 hours total running for parts/tools/etc. 6-8 hours of total wrenching, could do this now in 4 hours

(d) Only additional damage was a gasket on the hose from the Thermostat to the Oil Filter housing. This sprung a leak and caused an additional day delay to get my car back. Luckily my wife stays home and I was able to use her car while I waited the week to order/receive parts. I also lost a clip for the coolant hose that clips at the bottom of the coolant reservoir. Believe it or not, you can't order this clip. I had to negotiate with the parts guy at the stealership and asked him to ask the techs if they have any clips laying around from a replacement. They did and they "assured" me that they were "their" property. I brought them a bag of Butter Burgers from Culvers and thanked them for helping me out.

(e) never tracked the car

(f) automatic transmission

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