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I was driving across the border into bellingham with my wife and daughter and two rednecks in a truck started acted like I was in a race that I didn't know about and blasting by me as soon as they pull up with their blown out muffler in their truck. I have a 323i and I don't race people. We continue our drive and ignore them. I end up passing them on the way and this guy goes berzerk gunning it in his truck. I had another issue near the same area when I had a Benz with a big hick truck pulling in front on the hwy and just jamming the brakes for no apparent reason. Hence, I didn't think it was a good idea to let him catch up so I just kept pace ahead of him. A while down the road he comes from behind and blasts by me with the passenger fingering us as we go. I just ignored it as I was in their country and I had my wife and daughter with me. Last thing, they are in a left turning lane and we are going straight through the intersection. We are just proceeding through the intersection and the passenger throws some garbage and there is red crap on my windshield as I drive past.

Next thing was me seeing red, screeching tires, a u turn in an intersection, trunk popping and my car blocking the road in front of them. In hindsight I should have just called the police and they could of had a gun being rednecks in merika, but they crossed the line putting us in danger like that. What I did was dangerous too but I wanted payback. I think they left streaks in their underwear after I did what I did because they went straight instead burned their tires and I couldn't catch up to them.

Moral of the story, some people just have a hate on for others. Whether it is because you drive a bimmer or your ethnicity or whatever. Best thing is to call the police immediately when they put you in danger.