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Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post
Can you please add following questions to your list...

1. Can we reuse old sideshaft and prop shaft bolts, if not which of them have to be replaced with new ones?

2. Torque specs of sideshaft to diff bolts and torque specs to diff and to gearbox specs (or can we torque by heart)

3. Which side of prop shaft is better to marry with oem prop shaft?

4. how to remove oem sideshafts w/o special BMW tool?

Anything else/special like list of needed parts or so that we have to know/have before installation?

Would be really appreciated
I'll give it a shot:

1. I always replace sideshaft bolts as I have snapped them on my older BMWs. For the 6 bolts that attach to the sideshaft to the diff, I always tap the socket onto the bolts with a hammer to prevent them slipping. For the sake of a couple of Euros, why risk it? Also make sure you use m3 sideshaft bolts as they are different to the 135/335i ones. I bought brand new driveshaft to diff bolts as I didn't have them and replaced just the nuts on the gearbox side.

2. Buy a bentley manual as it should have the torque specs you require.

3. As far as I know, either side will work. I used the m3 driveshaft and shortened it from the transmission end as it was easier in my eyes to measure.

4. You need an E14 socket IIRC and a 36mm 12 point socket to remove the sideshafts. Both are pretty standard tools on BMWs. I would be more concerned about removing the driveshaft. I would highly recommend purchasing the AR Design spanner as it is perfect for the job and can be sold on after you use it.