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Originally Posted by RCUK View Post
Danny.. (but others chip in!!)

Went to see the car last night - and appreciate some advice.

Car has some rust on rear drivers arch - i reckon this is about 300 to sort, and needs cambelt doing - prob 400 there.

Also - car had a new gearbox done last oct - rebuilt whats there - so still a 5 speed, and had a major service in sept brakes, bushes etc.

One thing that it didnt have (which i thought that all had??) was the P1 plate inside by the centre console. Do you remember if the car had it when you sold it on?

BTW - when you said loud... think u were underselling it!!!! Jesus.... its like rolling thunder!

Going back to give it the once over on sat... but tempted...
Hi Mate

Firstly, regarding the plaque on the interior, there never was one. And never officially will be

The P1WOC did a run of Unofficial interior plaques but that is all they are, they didnt come from the factory with one.

The official plaque is inside the engine on the drivers side suspension turrent (i think its near there) thats where you need to be looking! (Ive got a photo of this at home if you need it! Im back tonight)

Car is very loud indeed, i bloody loved it!!

Rust seems to be common on most classis imprezas around that area. But is a shame to hear the P1 has some :-(

Email Carnetix (melton Mowbray) regarding cambelt, they are a good outfit and the P1 and my previous imprezas have both been there.

Who has serviced it and done the gearbox?