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Originally Posted by acerboo View Post
there is a state in the us where it is against the law NOT to carry a gun. there is zero gun crime by contrast a neighbouring state has high gun crime. remember gun crimes are carried out by criminals not law abiding people. banning guns would not prevent massacres especially inside large buildings, in fact there are far more effective measures that could be taken that would have the same result though less dramatic
Not quite right Jeff,it's not a State,it's a town called Kennesaw in Georgia State.

Originally Posted by Sir_Pigley View Post
The constitution is so sacrosanct to them that it blinds them to common sense.
The American Constitutions roots,and in particular 'the right to bear arms' can be traced back to the mid 1770's, and owes its origins to King George and the British Empire.

Whilst some parts of the constitution undoubtedly have a place in modern American society,the 'right to bear arms',is an enactment,that arguably does not now have any place at all.
It's doubtful that many Americans know their own history,but blindly believe in something that they perceive has become a god given right!

Originally Posted by A_P View Post
What gives us the right to sit here in our cosy homes and tell a democratic country what they should do in regards to gun law?
Playing Devils advocate here AP,but why not?

The Americans preach their own gospel on a world wide basis when it suits them,freedom of speech is not an exclusive American right,that right also exists in other countries,notably here,something the Americans would no doubt love to silence,both here and in other countries.

Lets face it Americans love their guns,more than their utes & cadillacs,the gun will always form part of their daily dress,and sit nicely in the display cabinets up and down the country.

Nothing will change despite Obamas rhetoric,the carnage will continue.

Nothing focuses the mind of many people more than the tragic loss of very,very young lives,sadly,once the last coffin has been laid to rest,the needless,and yet another massacre will fade into obscurity,just like Columbine,which happened in 1999, has.

Crazy,crazy madness!

Never argue with an idiot on the internet. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

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