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Sorry to be bumping a very old thread.

I got a call from Canbec recently, asking me to delete this thread because it's apparently on the 1st page results on google... I think I'll keep it and not give into their demands. I'm not sure how they found out it was me?

Although I love my car, I would be hard pressed into buying another BMW brand new off the lot. Just the fact that they sold me a car with RFT tires is a reason of its own to keep the thread up. I dont know everything about cars, especially tire technology, isnt it up to the dealer to advise about how fragile these tires are? Let alone how expensive? 700$ a tire? Too bad I went through about 6 pairs of tires and 3 rims before I actually swapped them out, my bad.

Also, the injector issues, the fuel pumps failing, the 4x4 sensors breaking, the list goes on and on...

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