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Originally Posted by Never Convicted View Post
Argument? Who are you arguing with? How did BMW's business come to be valued at twice MB's? What schedule should they have used up to now? Markets constantly change. And because 9 guys on a message board don't like that they changed a Coupe designation from 3 to 4 is not a valid reason for them to stop what they've been doing and refining to become so valuable. They'll make some, they'll miss some. But I just hope they won't become Mercedes, which is the German Lexus, which is the Japanese Caddy.
I'm not complaining about the 3er coupe being a 4er coupe's all about core values and its mission statement. Every company base their direction in R&D on their mission statement and BMW clearly is not abiding by the "ultimate driving machine" moniker. That's all I'm complaining about. BMW is becoming the new German "premium" GM...too big to fail...too complacent to do wrong. We all see where GM ended up...competition is stiff so now we have Cadillacs building more fun cars than BMW.

It's good that they're profitable and appealing to the masses but if a company gets too complacent then those profits will take a dive sooner or later. BMW is resting on its laurels and the majority of people in the US and China, it's biggest two markets, buy them just because it's a BMW but if word gets out that another manufacturer builds more exciting cars then let's see how the market looks then.
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