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Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post
Thanks for your input. So you are saying to replace all 12 bolts of sideshafts to diff?
I have them I was thinking to reuse them because they are not ZNS which BMW recommends to replace.
What about bolt supports (boomerangs)?

I have ordered for now drive shaft bolts (because I also didn't had them) and ordered nuts w/o bolts on gearbox side.

Also there is no bentley manual for M3 E92 I can't find it.

Few more questions how better to press out sideshafts? Because there is BMW special tool for that or to use simple hammer?

Is there some gasket under driveshaft bolts and bolt supports? Like it shows realoem.c*m
I found it very easy to damage the 12 sideshaft bolts due to the limited position of the rubber around the CV joint. If they come off fine, then I suppose they don't need changing but I prefer to be safe than sorry.

I presumed the torque specs were the same as the e92 non m3, most of the times the bolts are just longer on the m3.

I had to take my sideshaft and hubs to a shop where one person used a centre punch held in place with mole grips and the other a massive sledgehammer. My car had done 80k miles by then and they were stuck in pretty bad. I actually damaged my original sideshafts as I tried hitting them with just a hammer and the threaded portion deformed pretty bad.

My driveshaft flange was stuck in the diff when I bought it so I just used what was originally there. Which part number are you talking about in the pic?