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Originally Posted by rooringhusky View Post
Ive tried talking to them as well and even though the information in valuable and great to hear...Ive realized that the communication barrier is big...And also that the prices they charge will never be in line with what you and I would be willing to pay for a turbo kit all the way from Taiwan...My car would probabaly end up sitting in the garage or with a blown motor...And id get raped on the cost and shipping of the kit not to mention...All to look forward to a communication gap to try to tune the issues out..Doesnt seem too appetizing to me...Although I do agree they have some impressive info and dedicated people on the N54 I would never buy anything from there!
They seem to be near where I used to reside in Taiwan. Next time I make a stop there ( Probably summer ) I'll drop by or something.

Originally Posted by SuperBmw View Post
Any of you guys on the asian bmw forums?

There's a bunch of dudes running single turbo n54s. I'm not sure if it's the fftec kits or replicas of them but theres a couple different variations. The 1/4 mile is something unknown to most of them though and they normally do high speed pulls. It's mostly younger people with rich parents so their cars are always full out modded. A 335i costs like triple the price over there so that explains why most of the owners have open budgets.
Interesting. Didn't know the N54 is slowly picking up there Also those people generally import their 335i's. A friend of ours actually imported an X6 V8, and 335i N54 as it's much cheaper including taking care of certification than buying one new or used there.
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