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Andy M

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Spotted a white AW 335 with 19" black rims on the DVP going NB this morning!! Plate number was something like AW?? 942. Not sure if they're on e90post (and sort of hoping they aren't too!)

Nice rims! Btw, please don't tailgate me, it's not very nice. Or cut me off and then slam on your brakes because you realized just then that there was a row of cars in front so we're all going as fast as possible already. Or the other 4 cars you forced to brake because you didn't shoulder check while weaving in and out. Also it might be a good idea to use your left hand for driving instead of on a cellphone too. Weaving in and out of traffic sort of requires your full attention. And if you're weaving in and out, going less than 120 kmph might be a good idea. Btw, next time, try not to floor it past the police cruiser that had its lights on pulling someone over. It miiiiight get you in a bit of trouble next time.

On that note, please get an Audi instead. BMW drivers already get a bad enough rap as it is.