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Originally Posted by DESI4life10 View Post
Cool. It is obvious the Black edition is not for you(Don't need the extra features) .

Also needing a $180 card is false. Don't need to spread around these rumours when people with a $50 card is having no problems. My Adata card is holding up perfectly fine in all modes.
Huh? this is not false, its science, ESPECIALLY in burst mode.

If your recording in HD @ 60fps and it writes at 25 m/sec how can a card that does 10/megs a sec keep up? It keeps up by skipping frames. Same with burst mode - gopro 3 does 12 megapixles @ 30 pics a second ... you do the math.

I use a sandisk 45/mbs in my go pro 2 and it only does 11 megapixles @ 10 photos a sec.

hope you dont think im arguing with you or trying to start a "internet flame war" I'm just trying to state what I have found and what people should maybe be considering.