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Originally Posted by StevenY.
Originally Posted by Dylan335i
Just got back from the shop... Here's the cliff notes

1. Mufflers had packing in both sides (e90)

2. Left stock resonator there to control rasp

3. Removed 95% of packing left only a handful in each muffler. Just enough to coat the bottom of the muffler

4. Didn't touch any piping

5. Zero drone (6at so I'm very happy)

6. Brought some more growl in the bottom end but really haven't got enough seat time to give an honest review.

7. Tomorrow/Saturday expect a new thread that will include videos and pictures

8. I am very happy with it so far no regrets
Can't wait! Hopefully you won't disappear like the last guy that said he was going to post videos and a thread for everything.
Im assuming thats me you talking about lol

I been busy but im here at the muffler shop right now getting the moddified mufflers installed.

*They replaced all perforated pipes with ss pipes.
*replaced the mini muffler inside with ss pipe.
*left all packing inside the mufflers intact and everything else as it was for that matter.

Videos will be up next.

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