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This is a terrible and sad situation, I couldn't imagine loosing my 1 year old son.
Gun arguments will go back and fourth and I dont think anyone will be happy told they cannot have something even if they dont need it...

What I want to know is what does the average citizen need military grade automatic weapons for?

You need a gun thats fine a regular hand gun or hunting shot gun etc I can understand but not semi auto pistols / AR's etc... Hell why not let us have rocket launchers??
If you shoot for fun then rent a locker at the range or just rent the guns.

( im not a gun person so don't quote me on the technical stuff, I could care less about firearms ).

We know people will fight for the right to have firearms and that guns dont kill people its usually a person with mental health issues.

So they need to have some sort of plan to atleast make owning a gun a little safer.

Something sort of like this ( rough brainstorm ) :

We wont stop you from owning a gun but if you do then your whole household gets a background check. Anyone who lives at that residence all ages. And only if everyone passes the mental test then you need to install a safe or whatever they set fwd in rules. Once that safe is installed a person comes by like a home inspector and verifies it. Then you can have your gun you think you need and your going to be re-evaluated every year. You cant fix crazy and people will cry if they cant have there guns caused they feel they need that to defend themselves ( outside of hunters ). Those people are dead cause the lady was a moron not cause she was a gun holder. She brought her mental son shooting and then didnt keep her shit locked up. Its partially her blame you dont bring a mentally challenged kid with a history of issues shooting and then not lock your shit up.

Personally If you own automatic weapons ( for protection ) and you're not a police officer or work in law enforcement you're fooling yourself, you aren't going to be John Wayne, more likely to shoot yourself or someone you love. You truly want to be safe, get a big dog, and learn self defense and use your head. Otherwise move out of Compton and you won't need bars on your windows. Do the rest of us a favor so your messed up kids and self don't go crazy one day and ruin someone else's life because your too much of a punk to face your own problems.

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