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Originally Posted by Killerx View Post
Huh? this is not false, its science, ESPECIALLY in burst mode.

If your recording in HD @ 60fps and it writes at 25 m/sec how can a card that does 10/megs a sec keep up? It keeps up by skipping frames. Same with burst mode - gopro 3 does 12 megapixles @ 30 pics a second ... you do the math.

I use a sandisk 45/mbs in my go pro 2 and it only does 11 megapixles @ 10 photos a sec.

hope you dont think im arguing with you or trying to start a "internet flame war" I'm just trying to state what I have found and what people should maybe be considering.

No worries bud. Not taking it as an argument. Good information here.

I think you may be confusing MB (megabyte) with Mb (megabit).
I got some good information from this site regarding the memory stick issue. Extreme Pro&start=10

I primarily use video and not photoburst. If the frames are too much for the speed of the memory stick,the camera will stop the recording. For testing, I put a class 4 stick in the camera and got no more than 10 seconds of recording (1080/60p) before it stopped recording (againI knew this was not the right card).

I'll try photoburst and see how it goes.

edit: I just did a photoburst of 30fps 12mp wide and had no problems capturing all 30 frames.

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