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Originally Posted by seis-speed View Post
It did not feel like an upgrade to me, generally I am a newer is better consumer, but I was underwhelmed. The car felt big, steering was not great, and it felt a little disconnected. I actually bought out my lease on my e90, still deciding on what to do after winter, do ED on an f30, or keep the e90 until sometHing new comes out, like the M2. Am I the only one that has this opinion?
Slightly related to this topic.
After getting F30 as loaner twice before, today I was kind of wishing that I don't get F30 when the lady was checking me in for a loaner for my appointment today. Eventually I got E92 and I drove it happily.
It might be due to very light steering wheel, the new 3-series doesnt feel solid.
Right now, I'm not in for a car change but my next car will definitely be not a F30.