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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
I agree, many probably would turn if it were a scenario of all 'the people' against the government. I suppose I was thinking along the lines of a smaller group of people deciding to revolt, not the entire population. Say 100,000 people decided they wanted to revolt because they thought our government was tyrannical, how exactly would they have a chance?
100,000 people who have decided to revolt would undoubtedly include ex or current military personnel. A group this size would also have attracted the attention of our NSA. It wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility that a few high ranking politicians would even secretly be a part of this group. A group like this, motivated, connected, equipped, would likely be done with eliminating the powers at be before the military knew anything was going on. With this many people you could have a coordinated strike making it over before anyone knows about it. Before you think this only happens in the movies, remember that a much smaller, less informed, yet highly motivated group of people coordinated a strike similar to this about 12 years ago.

Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
While that is technically true, wouldn't the armed services be under control of those in power while also protecting them? If it were a case of the entire population against the government, then as stated before there would probably be many in the armed services on the side of the people. In the example of a smaller group starting a revolt to overthrow the government, I imagine they would have to get through the armed services first in order to oust those in control.
Speak with a hand full of enlisted service men and women. From my experience, most of them are rather disgruntled with their commander in chief. (and not just this one, they didn't care for their last CIF either)
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