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Originally Posted by DnA Diesel View Post
I'm glad some people take the time to follow-up on drunk drivers.
We have no reason to believe the driver was drunk except for the OP's own speculation. The police didn't even charge for a DUI.

Originally Posted by BigFoig View Post

So I got an update from the OPP.

They said that they believe the driver wasn't actually the driver they pulled over.

In fact the driver and the passenger fled the vehicle when they stopped at the first townhouse complex and ran off and someone from inside the house came out and drove the vehicle away to where they got pulled over then.

But they believe the guy that took off was indeed a dui.

They are only pursuing the charges cause there is enough evidence for careless driving charge but not a dui, since the person they pulled over wasn't impaired.

The vehicle's registration address isn't even the same as the one they pulled into.

Oh and it's because the person admitted to being the driver of the vehicle.
Maybe I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but this doesn't make a bit of sense to me.