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Looking forward to the photos, tempted to fit in my BMW and smax

Originally Posted by kooli9 View Post

Forgot to mention you have to fiddle the aerial adaptor into place although it looks like it's designed wrong it will fit.

Heard back from Samsung that adaptor is not available. You can buy the mhl adaptor that gives you full hdmi port and 11 pin usb but this then replaces the pioneer provided Mel adaptor in the CD-ah200c kit. And Samsung one has a very short lead plus it would mean it works only with newer Samsung device like S3 and galaxy note.

The air con controls have filed back. The fascia is designed to stick out a bit at the bottom. They could have made it flush but it's not a deal breaker. The alternative is the other fascia kit with DIN on bottom but I think the radio is too low.

And finally for all you 12v enthusiasts.

I found the constant 12v in the fuse box. After 5 attempts and accident disconnecting my steering controls. I am using fuse 38 which is one of the engine fuses. There mystery solved. This may be applicable to European diesel cars but there's enough of them about.

Pics soon I promise