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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
Making you a wantonly litigious asshole. If you're not driving like a dick, then there won't ever be sufficient evidence for a ticket to stick. In England, that bringing that dumb a lawsuit would sink you.
So let's see; exactly how was the OP's target driving like a dick? All I saw was someone who drove over a few solid lines coming on to the road, then signaling every time she changed lanes, never slamming on her brakes, never overreacting to traffic, etc. She stayed within her lane, but did weave a bit (maybe her car needs new tierods...), so BFD.

The OP is an asshole. wanna be patrol officer, who should mind his own f-ning business. There are laws against falsely accusing people of a crime in the USA. And it's we invented America anyway, to move out of the s-hole that is the UK.