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Originally Posted by xenon View Post
I think most genuine Christians have a similar mindset and if everyone was like that then the world would be a better place. My uncle who died recently was a very religious man (without preaching) and would spend all of his time in retirement helping others. Christmas Lunch was always put off until tea time as he spent most of the day at the homeless shelter. He was a good man and, as I say, it would be nice if everyone had this ethic.

I'm a comitted atheist - as a man of science I simply don't accept that there is some "higher being" that controls everything that happens, but I have no issues with people that do believe.

However, statements like this always get my goat. You seem to be saying that the deaths of these little children was "God's will". So does that mean that the nutter who killed them was orchestrated by God? Does that make him a prophet? An avenging angel? What had these children possibly done to invoke God's ire such that he chose to smite them down in this way?

Of course, the standard answer from religious types to the question: "If God is good and loving (as He must be) then how can He allow such atrocities to happen? How can He allow thousands to starve?

Their stock answer of course is to mutter things about "mysterious ways his wonders" and how can we, as mere mortals, possibly know what His greater plans are?

This of course is a cop-out crock of shit.

If God effected this massacre because of his will then I'm glad not to have any belief in it.

I very much doubt the pastors attending to the bereaved in Connecticut are trolling out the line "It was God's will, suffer the little children etc" because that would very likely earn them a smack in the mouth.

Should the parents be told that your children were murdered not by a deranged psycho but it was simply "God's will" and it will all become clear in time?

Is that your God?
A committed Atheist. I was hoping the thread wouldn't turn this way.

I don't think there has to be a divide and that people should choose Science or God. In my immediate Family, Myself included we have a Doctor, Pharmacist, Aeronautical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Econmist, Business All at masters and PHD level and a dumbass Cousin who wont make into uni simply because he is too busy chasing skirt.

But we all believe in God.

Personally I find that Religion and Science complement each other. That is a personal opinion so totally Subjective.

It seems that you have a lot of questions, Questions which I cannot answer. Questions to which you may find some answers if you pick up a Bible, Quran, Torah a Sanskrit.

Not so you study a religion and become a convert. But because you can gain a better understanding of what it is they are about. If not for anything then just for self betterment. Broaden Your horizons.