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I don't know about their service department but I've dealt with their terrible sales department twice in the last 4 years. The 1st time was while they were still VOB BMW.

The sad part is my experience last month was even worse... The experience I had from this dealership and Russel BMW resulted in me driving 1 hour to Sterling, VA to buy my 335. BMW of Silver Spring and Annapolis was good but lacked inventory (Especially Annapolis...)

Russel at least tried to make up for my negative experience by offering any car at invoice. I passed due to the negative taste in my mouth.

Here is what happened at Rockville while shopping for a NEW 335. I arrived 15 minutes early for my appointment with my CA (Cant remember his name now). I waited 30 minutes for him. This wasn't too bad since I arrived early. So he was only 15 minutes late...

Once he arrived I asked to see the car we discussed 2 hours earlier on the phone. He said the car was actually sold a week or two ago without him realizing.I was a bit annoyed but said "Okay, May I see similar model so I can at least get a feel for the car and the options?". He said since I'm not interested in buying any of the other cars it would be a waste of time to go over them. He did offer to call me once they get once similar in next year (how nice...). I told him I wanted to test drive a 335 and look at some of the options on the other cars he has in stock. He said if I wasn't buying the car I couldn't drive it. I said fine just unlock the cars so I could test the options.

He said okay and headed back towards the dealership leaving me in the lot. After 30-40 minutes he did not return so I went inside to find him. I couldn't find him so I stood around for a minute until a guy asked if he could help me. I asked if he had seen my CA. He told me he saw the CA working with another customer. I was very upset at this point and left the dealership.

I am 25 years old but look a lot younger so I realize he might have thought I was too young (this happens often to me when shopping for cars. I even had an old guy at Audi while looking at the S4 tell me "Son, you wont be able to buy this car till your older")