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Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
ya noticed that too, n i doubt they'll make a seperate category since it falls under 3er.
shame bc many e90s r gonna go unrecognized now... all good tho, imma do wut i did this month every month.
congrats again!

btw i requested they make a new section 4 f10s/f11s last year n was told it would happen -promised actually- n still nothin.
Well I'm hoping an e90 will win the 3er sedan category in January. Just gonna wait and see til the new year. Btw I'm practically done with my car and just wanted to thank you for the comments and constructive feedback to get where it is today. My car will be up for sale as I'm looking to "upgrade" in 2013. Either a major part out or gonna sale as is. Stay tuned