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335i DCT Launch Control


It's cold out and the roads are slippy. Surely no better time for using launch control to cause some insane snaking up the road then!!

I am struggling to use it though, I must admit. I understand the correct way is to do so is as follows:

Foot on brake
Take off handbrake
Switch to DTC (one click, not press and hold)
Switch to M/S and then click to M1
Press the Sport button

Next is confusing. Some people say just brake boost to the desired revs and away you go, but that never seems to cause the 'chequered flag' which signifies launch control is working to appear, although it is reasonably effective.

Others say you have to 'kick down' the gas pedal, which means the car will rev like mad before the pedal is fully depressed. That, I have not had the heart to try, plus, I can't forsee/control the outcome - will LC engage and drop the revs to a sensible amount and then I just let off the brake? Will it actually try to launch against the brake at the high revs caused by fully depressing the pedal?

Has anyone managed to reliably use LC and if so, how? The M car variant is different by the way and can be controlled by the cruise stick, but that doesn't work on the 335i sadly.