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Originally Posted by adriang View Post
Yes you are right, thats what i meant. I dont have enough space on my hard drive to instal another OS.

I have started using ORACLE VM VirtualBox. Alotted 20GB for the virtual drive..then realized I don't have a CD drive(to install the cable)

error is no bootable medium found. system halted. I guess i need to get an external drive too...
You either need a Windows XP or newer (as long as it's 32-bit) installation disc with a physical optical drive, or you need an ISO file of those installation discs, in which case you can have the optical drive in the VM environment mount that file. After that, I'm not sure what you mean by installing the cable -- do you mean the drivers? There are tons of ways to do that without an optical drive, such as enabling file sharing between your physical OS and the virtual OS, putting the driver files on a USB flash drive and mounting the flash drive inside the virtual OS (just as you'll need to mount the cable itself into the virtual OS), or hopping on the Internet inside the VM to download the driver files.

All that said though, how to set up a VM is sort of out of the scope of this thread. There are people here like myself who are familiar with it and willing to help, but I'd recommend Googling around and/or tinkering to get your basic VM environment setup. This thread is primarily to help with getting the coding environment set up inside the OS, coding properly, and discussing the coding features themselves.
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