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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
Haha true!

What do you have to sell? I think I want something with a snail or two to start with.
I suggest getting a bit of underpowered car to start with if you really do want to get into tracking heavily/seriously. It'll teach you car control and let you focus on learning rather than "racing", then you can move up to more powerful cars, I raced a 160hp Porsche 924s (944 spec so it was gutted, full cage, etc) for about 5 years before I moved up and even in the 924s I could run laps around the guys bringing high horsepower cars out to the track. I have passed many a ferrari in a corner only to have the owner hate me afterward because I showed up his 200k car in my 7k track beater. granted as soon as we got to the straights I was a dot in his mirror what im getting at, is that IMO its more important to learn how to drive than have power, becase that power will bite you in the ass at some point. Now days im running a Porsche 928 (500whp/450ish tq) weighing it at close to 2500 lbs so this thing flies. I still lose it some times, even though I have years of experience. you can only do so much before you're just along for the ride. ie going off track at 130 into a dirt embankment then over the embankment into a sand pit luckily I was going backwards so the car didnt flip when i hit the dirt. start taking your 5 to the track, it will start getting you the seat time ( i used to do autox in a 4 door accord before I got a decent car) and always remember, if in doubt go flat out.

edit: sorry for the rambling, I could talk about this for hours. I absolutely love driving