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Arrow Re: which BMW MTF-LT trans oil... ?

Originally Posted by NoTempoLimitN54 View Post
...I want to make a decision regarding this and get it done no later than 50k miles, which will be coming up for me in the next few weeks.

Thanks to everybody that has contributed info to this thread. Perhaps we can sort out all these issues, get some definite info, and make a stick thread so everyone can benefit.

Well... NoTempoLimitN54 I was at my local BMW Zentrum today. I found out which oils your car needs and how much!

Drum roll please...

BMW AG says your 335i uses MTF-LT-3 for the manual transmission. Originally the car came with MTF-LT-2, but BMW AG is showing LT-3 as the latest fluid.

I asked why my 135i shows LT-3 and then LT-4. And why the 1er M Coupe` aka 1M uses LT-5 - but my guys at the shop did not know why. I also asked them about LT-6 and they never heard of that fluid. Weird.

BMW NA does not sell the LT-3 oil in one liter bottles, only in Germany do they sell those. BMW NA only sells the LT-3 oil in a 5L jug, bmw part number #83227533818

I did not ask what the price is, but it is pricey from what I remember. Over 130 euros I think. I seem to remember Bav Auto also sells this oil. Or maybe try Tischer or United BMW for what they would charge you.

So... go ahead and use the LT-3 fluid in your trans. Btw your manual trans will need 1.6L of oil.

BMW AG says for your diff, Castrol SAF-XO is the correct oil. 75w90 grade. The diff takes just under 2.0L of oil.

here are some documents for you...
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