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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Whenever you are ready, I'll do it again for you FOC.
Wow, that's a really kind gesture... I'll PM you.
Originally Posted by Frobius View Post
Mit, neither the speedo or the digital display are off the GPS. Basically, you can code the car to show the corrected speed (ie +10% or whatever it is that the EU suggests that speedos should show) or true speed. Generally the car will come coded to corrected speed (on the speedo) and when you code the digital speed, it is usually uncorrected (ie true wheel speed) unless you specifically activate the BC_DIGITAL_KORREKTEUR (I think) line.

Make sense?
Yep, but in that case is there a way to get the speedo to show the true speed and not the EU corrected one?
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