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Originally Posted by moonsin View Post
Just fast did those "quality" set go for?? i would think it wouldn't sell all that fast since "95%" of people like black wheels? (personally i would rather rock my shitty reps thats not orange...but hey...different strokes for different folks right?)
You would be suprised. And Im with you I would rather have those sweet looking reps then shitty orange rims. Who really likes different anyway
Originally Posted by RupertPupkin View Post
How dare you try to be unique. You should have gone with 18 x 8 et 59 all around and then bitch about being too flush. Then put 265/50/18 on them cause stretch is for the children, oh and make sure your get VMR or some other CSL rep otherwise you may be made fun of by the old heads.
Gotta watch what you say and do around here the VMR and CSL fanboys with 8 " wide wheels and high offsets will be all over you with one smell of taste of something different

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lol damn conformity! (shaking my fist in the air)
Yeah tell me about it Mr President