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Answers below in RED

Originally Posted by kidneygrill View Post
Hey Guys

So I got the thinkgeek blouetooth dongle (love this word ) shown here:

It is a good product and sound quality is the same as connecting the 3.5mm wire directly.


When turn the car off and come back, I have to press a button to turn it on.

Question is - Does the Blackberry product turn on automatically when connected to the ipod usb connection in the armrest? YES IF so, does the iphone also connect to it automatically every time? YES once paired, I have not needed to do anything except turn the car on.

Also - how is the sound quality? Seems good to me. Does it show up as aux or usb? Aux i.e. can the steering controls be used to skip to the next or previous songs? Nobut you can operate those functions on your phone or device directly.

Thanks in advance,