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Originally Posted by TheVWDJ View Post
Can anyone offer any further insight? I hate to relate the to fallaciously but could these both stem from a bad battery?
I agree, the water or restraint.

When a driveshaft goes bad, it could start to vibrate at certain speeds on the highway and usually make a clicking or tapping sound around slow corners at full or 3/4 steering wheel lock.......You should be able to give them a good tug up and down left and right and feel some play....and hear some clicking....yours are tight, so says your probably not those...

I ruled out tranny mounts, motor mounts, drive shafts, cv joints, lug nuts, control arms, ect. with a visual and "shoving and pushing on them" technique

I am getting no codes, but did check all the coils for proper fitment.....(if it were the coils or plugs, it would be happening all the time, I would think)

When was the tranny serviced?....look into it....50,000 miles or more , it needs fresh fluid....dont be sold on the "lifetime" answer for fluids.....