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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I think most of you guys are nuts

As a former E92 (M3, at that) owner, the F30 whoops the E9x in pretty much every category. Looks (the yellow angel eyes are gross, and the droopy LCI E90 front bumper is weird), performance (N20 kills N52) and tech (Top View cameras, HUD and new Nav on F31/F30h) make me realize I'll never long for the old features and circa-2005 looks of the E9x style. Features and looks are important, but so is driving capability. F30 N55 + Sport suspension/steering + Dynamic Handling beat any non-M E9x I every drove.
Lets meet for a drive around and see how that handling and N55 work for ya

PS. I like the F30, and am sure the negative "reviews" are exaggerated, however, your last line killed your "honest" positive review...

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