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Well I just finish racing my next car, my friend that lives in Houston came down to kick it in his CL65 amg with a renntech stage 2 package. All I can say is fuck man. Sonic never left me down before but all I can say is he held his own and went out Like a beast. I got beat from pretty much everything, badly. I thought I had him from a 30 roll because the son of a bitch was spinning and I had a good 2 1/2 car jump for precisely 4 seconds until this mother fucker pulled a fucking train out of his ass and blew my doors off after his turbos kicked in and he caught traction, Christ.
Your car cant be a boy

Lol says who! He has nuts because he takes cheeks out here for what it is. Damn man, I must admit I really wish BMW would step it up, it's the HIGHEST most sold luxury car in the world but Mercedes has really bested it in the higher trim package levels. We need something to compete with the likes of the SLS, the Cl65, the S65, the SLR, I mean damn, it's not like the damn company is broke. Mercedes really has the championship belt when it comes to power and motors. :-/