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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post

The factory retrofit is expensive and convoluted. (See above)
also I don't think the audio is as good.

Yes a2dp is streaming bluetooth music.

If you just want Ipod I think BMW does it for around a grand at the local dealerships. I think they will tell you usb isn't possible on some of the older models eve though it is . What you want is in the threads try doing a search for USB and 6fl.
I was just reading some stuff and also read that 6FL isn't compatible with cars produced before March 07. My car was built in 06... is this one of the false incompatibilities or is this an actual impossibility?

If we're talking $1,000 + then I might as well just do the CCC retrofit and make sure I get the usb+aux hub. I plan on having the car for awhile so it might be a worthwhile upgrade.