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Originally Posted by 1lyfe View Post
I'm not quite sure how you guys can judge the F30s just on one or two drives with it.

To be honest, all the cons i see on this thread is exactly the same thing people were saying when the E90's came out...
It looks ulgy, "Chris Bangle did a horrible job designing it" , feels very unsporty, throttle response sucks compared to the E46, so on and so on. Same thing thats going on now with the F30's

I came from an 04 E46 to 07 E90 to 10 E90 and now a 2013 F30 and yes every generations seems less sporty than the last. I'm not talking about engine power and torque figures, im talking about the sport "feel". When coming from the E46 to the E90 the car felt dull on the roads, suspension was too soft and you couldnt feel the response from the steering as well as before.
Same goes for when i went from my E90 to the F30, the steering is extremely unresponsive suspension is way too soft when driving around local roads and such

one thing you guys are overlooking is how it performs on a track...if you're going to buy a BMW you know you're not going to use it to its full potential unless you track it. If you mode your cars, throw tunes and such into but dont let it loose whats the point?

I've tracked all 3 generations and i can tell you they always perform better than the last.
Once you get into sport mode and drive around on a course you will find that the F30 is MUCH MUUCH better than the E90. The steering feels as good as the E90 the suspension stiffens up and the sport feeling is back like how it should be.

One thing you guys have to consider is not everyone who buys a BMW will be driving it like a maniac or a speed demon. People get old and soon the heavy steering wheel and stiff suspension becomes hard to stand, which is why they introduced sport modes and electronically adujusting dampeners. Instead of losing out on that market they made the F30, where the steering and suspension is so light and soft even the elderly can drive them.
some of you may think "oh i dont want to be associated with a brand where grandmas drive their cars" grow up. business is business, maximum profit is what every company looks for and to do that you'll need to sacrifice something.

If you want to compare the two generations compare them where they're made to have a difference. Honestly, if youre going to compare the two on the roads you might as well compare a camry to the e90...

just my 2cs