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Originally Posted by rich1068 View Post
I wish they'd make their minds up. Do I have to buy a Christmas present for the other half or not?
I'm afraid you do yes.

I have to say it's all a tad disappointing,as I now have to get a Xmas tree,and a sodding turkey,which will be nigh on impossible,as everywhere's sold out.

I thought everyone had bought into all this shit,but it looks like it was just a few of us,fucking typical!

Originally Posted by Guvernator View Post
Besides I've got my End of the World costume on, all ready to party out and tbh I'm going to look a bit ridiculous going home in it if doesn't happen.
I'd hazard a guess as to you looking rather ridiculous now.

You could always organise a 'Dopey Duped Dudes' Party,Rich & I could come,I've got a 'onesie' I could wear,coolio

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