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Originally Posted by Impulsed7 View Post
If you don't run it very hard, Racewerks would suggest that 7500 that you are already doing. I still stick to at least 5K, if not the old school 3K, but I really beat on my cars. My wifes diesel jetta gets 7500.

There are ways to filter your PCV system better, a huge catch can is a start. There are filters for some diesels that could be used as well, but if the RPM's are high enough, often enough, and the car doesn't run too rich, you should be fine.
yeah...i think 7500 is a good mark to change the oil at.

with regard to the PCV...i know that someone (Rob Beck) makes an upgraded PCV valve for our cars....but i honestly have no knowledge of how it improves over stock or if its even worth the upgrade. i just found out about it a month or so ago and still doing some research. i did ditch my old catch can for a better one (bigger inlet/outlet diameter, shorter runs of tube, etc.).