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Hey ya'll sorry about the delay but i been busy with work. Im now dealing with what i think is a boost leak after installing a CPE charge pipe AFTER installing the modded exhaust so i havent wanted to take out a video until all is running great again.

for those that want to expedite the exhaust videos and want to help i get the half engine light momentarily when going full throttle however power does not seem to be affected. i cant locate a leak in the throttle body? Maybe boost sensor got fucked up in the install...

So to recap the exhaust shop.

*Replaced all perforated pipes with stainless steel one (4 total)
*Took out the mini muffler/resonator inside the mufflers
*Put all packing material back inside
*left everything else as it was.

My initial reaction was.... Wow this is not loud AT ALL and i was a bit disapointed at that, however im coming from Magnaflow mufflers (very deep and loud sound!) so i think my ears are now fucked up from the Magnas
The exhaust gurgles back again now (didnt after Magnaflow muffler install) and its got an aggressive tone however imo it needs to be louder. I like the fact that there is 100% no drone now, which i did have with the Magnaflows. For those on the App that cant see my mods im basically FBO on JB4 map5 running 50/50 e85/93.

Yesterday night on my drive back home right before the CPE CP failed install i did get to take the car for a drive and thats when i started to really appreciate the sound, basically the sound i had when i had my OEM mufflers untoched with DPs and fully FBO but better, more aggressive and gurgley.

So i really like the exhaust mod sound but i want it louder! Im thinking on replacing the resonator on my e90 with a X-pipe to see if i can bring out the sound even more.

For those of you thinking that replacing the perforated pipes with solid pipe is basically a muffler delete, well its not, nothing like a muffler delete. Not nearly as loud and NO DRONE.

I will try to get my charge pipe/ boost issues resolved this weekend so i can post some videos and i will post some pics of the modded cans as well.

Is anyone with a BMW PE willing to meet in the South Florida area so that i can compare the sound? also anyone thats FBO, golf tee mod and untoched OEM cans so that we can compare and take vids.


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